Started collabolation with Medikhana Co. Pte. Ltd.


Atomos-Seed is pleased to announce that it has started a collaboration with Medikhana Co. Pte. Ltd. (Medikhana) to support companies utilizing Symbol blockchain in terms of branding and content, and to strengthen our overseas expansion.

The use of blockchain has begun in the fields of agriculture and medicine, but its full-scale practical application has not yet become widespread.

Medikhana supports businesses that aim to retrieve people’s physical and mental health, and is a highly innovative company that provides consulting and support companies in the agriculture and medical cannabis business by implementing Japan-quality, state-of-the-art AgriTech, IoT, and blockchain technologies.

In collaboration with Medikhana, we will bring innovative and health retrieving businesses to the world and support people to make their lives healthier and more prosperous.


  • About Medikhana Co. Pte. Ltd.

Medikhana is headquartered in Singapore, and provides quality assurance focused on agricultural industries by using blockchain, offers clients with cultivation technology using Japanese Agricultural IoT system, as well as supports clients to obtain cannabis related licenses for those looking for cannabis business establishment in Southeast Asia. In the meantime, Medikhana supports distributing and retailing of cannabis related products, grown and/or manufactured by clients.

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