Content Business


Producing/creating/providing original content and events, producing/creating/providing content and events by consignment (using cutting-edge technologies such as Blockchain, AIoT, and XR)

Platform Business


Building and providing various content platforms and copyright platforms using blockchain-based tokens (tokenization of content and valorization of content experience)

TX/DX Business


Consulting, production, direction, support, workshops and seminars on corporate token usage and digital transformation


● P O L I C Y ●



To evolve all the content in the world into something that makes people smile.



The world full of content that enriches the body, mind, the pocket, and that everyone can access every day.



Moving forward correctly, fast and at the cutting edge of warmth of mind.




August 26, 2020 NPO NEMTUS officially established

NPO NEMTUS (commonly known as NEM+) was registered on September 3, and was established on August 26, the date of application for registration.

June 22, 2020 President Gotoh was inaugurated as Chairman of the Board of Directors of NPO NEMTUS (application for establishment pending).

NEMTUS (NEM+), a non-profit organization, held its inaugural general meeting, and Mr. Goto, the president of Atomos-Seed, was inaugurated as its chairman.
(Application for certification submitted to the Tokyo Metropolitan Government on June 26) NEMTUS, a non-profit organization for the promotion of NEM technology [Certification applied for].

Q1, 2020- Start of Original Manga Platform production

Participating in and co-developing a new business plan for GriOni, an internal brand of centean Corporation.

Q4, 2020 – “Muscle×Drawing” online event scheduled

Snowin’s illustrator Yoshinobu Saitoh’s project based on the “Muscle Power Drawing Theory” is underway.

May 2, 2020 – GriOni official character name calling event

The official character for Original Creative Manga Platform GriOni is complete and the name calling event has begun!
Duration Saturday, May 2 to Sunday, May 31, 2020




        Hiroyuki Gotoh
        Producer & Director

Business activities

  • Content Business
  • Platform Business
  • TX/DX Business

Address: 133-1-207 Okuracho, Machida City, Tokyo


        centean inc.
        Snowin (Yoshinobu Saito: Illustrator )
        panda vision, Inc.
        Naoya Horiguchi (Film Director)
        Opening Line, Inc.