Content Business

Use digital to do analog things.
We aim to create fun content!
Always creating with perfect balance,
attention to detail and speed.
Leverage cutting-edge technologies
such as Blockchain, AIoT and XR.

●Producing, directing and providing original content and events

– Various videos, YouTube videos and XR content
– Novels, comics and other books
– Original Characters
– Trading Cards
– Original events that combine online and offline, etc.
Embedding and deploying Blockchain-based tokens

●Production, creation and direction of commissioned content and events

– Support for content marketing



Platform Business

The content experience is the value.
We support safe and secure copyright management
with the aim of building the token economy.

●Various content platforms using Blockchain-based tokens

– Tokenize a variety of content
– Value the content experience
– The platform for exchanging, sharing and other transactions and exchanges of value
– Planning and organizing events to accelerate the experience

●Copyright Platform

– Provides a platform to tokenize on the blockchain and notarize copyrights for content



TX/DX Business

Backing up the use of technology and digitalization.
Accelerate your business by optimizing the use of tokens.
We’ll help you move from reform to evolution in a powerful way.

Enterprise Token Use and Digital Transformation (Technology Transformation)

The three pillars of “Business”, “Technology”, and “Creative”
– Consulting
– Production and direction
– Support
– Workshops and seminars

Creating the business that provides new value based on digitization